How To Twitter

Facebook & Twitter are the two major ways that people engage in Social Media. Yes, Yes I know there are others but seriously the only people into Instagram are the same people who rushed to buy “selfie sticks”. If you were truly interesting people would be rushing to take pictures of you- enough said.

Facebook & Twitter are like parties, Facebook is like your Nanna’s at Christmas time. For the most part you know everyone you interact with & share similar ideas & opinions. Facebook is for sharing cute pictures of your new puppy or little Brittany eating birthday cake. Cute, but with little substance.

Twitter is like a post cocktail party. All sorts of people are gathered there, most of them you have never met & are unlikely to meet. There are the intellectuals discussing heavens knows what, the gatecrashers tormenting people until the cops turn up but mostly it’s just ordinary people sharing ideas.

Facebook lets you waffle on, post multiple times & fill up people’s timelines with requests for games & generally be totally annoying. Facebook is like a neighbourhood with everyone hosting their own parties. Occasionally the bogans from over the back will intrude with their Aussie, Aussie, Aussie flag-wearing ways. You might complain to the Facebook cops usually with little success so learn to use the block button, you’ll probably need it.

Twitter has a 140 character limit. The brilliant bit about this is it forces you to think about every word you are writing. You can’t word waffle- you have to get to the point & get there fast.

The best bit of advice I can give to new Tweeters is to do nothing. Just watch & observe.

Follow the people you are interested in & more importantly who might find you interesting. Following celebrities is a total waste of time. You are highly unlikely to be able to engage with them directly & in the meantime you could be talking to something truly interesting.

Look at trends- Does anything interest you, click & look. Resist the temptation to add to the conversation, you’ll learn more by just observing.

Post a profile picture. The default is an egg. Eggs are never taken seriously, indeed many people will block an egg trying to join the conversation.

Hashtags- used to search for a topic or can be used as an expression of disgust, joy whatever emotion comes to mind. On that note : #JustDoIt


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