My Japanese Laundry – Review

The wet weather is once again here & along with this comes the problem we all face of trying to get the washing dry.

Yes I know , there are such things as Electric Tumble Dryers but in keeping with trying to save money & save the planet, I don’t have one of those. Probably another reason why our household of 2 Adults & 2 children has a bill of very much less than the average one person household in our area.

There are several solutions to this problem of drying clothes indoors- I have a good sized area & so have been mostly using this stand-alone rack- Cost is about $90 for a decent durable dryer.

Most of us have bought something similar to the white hanging rack shown below. They cost about $2 and last in my house about a month or so. The pegs  break, they fall off the line or rack & are totally nasty.

I came across the rack from My Japanese Laundry 

It came beautifully packaged, & seems to be very strong & durable. The things I really liked are the thick, easy to grip pegs. Those aren’t going to break quickly. I used it to hang the babies clothes on with no problems at all. I do have quite a lot of room at my house for standing racks so I’ll be mostly using the hanging racks for delicate hand washable only items & hang it over my laundry sink. I will also be taking it with me when we go camping or caravanning. It seems it would be excellent for drying swimwear.

The racks aren’t cheap but like most things in life, you get what you pay for. I can’t see myself having to buy another rack for a very long time. I have not been paid nor do I expect to be paid for this review.

Feel free to leave any comments below or better still contact My Japanese Laundry direct at



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